When I first met Karen I was a bit nervous considering this was my first time hiring a lawyer for anything. I quickly noticed her determination when she was taking notes during the free consultation. Hiring her was the best decision I made for my divorce. Karen and her paralegal Danelle fought for me, protected my interests, the out come was as expected with no surprises. Marriage can be tough, divorce is tougher. You need a Great Law Firm in your corner. Karen and her staffs determination and efforts were amazing. If you find yourself needing a lawyer, you'd be crazy not to hire her!


Happy Client

Karen Cushman is a honest and straightforward attorney. Since the beginning of my case she worked very hard to resolve my case as timely as possible and provided helpful advice throughout the entire process.

Karen was able to quickly gain more time with my daughter then I could dream imaginable, which is no easy task in the state of Texas. Once she was hired she was able to explain the court process which alleviated my concern and allowed for maximum transparency.

I should also mention she was referred to me by my mother who also referred my uncle. We have all used her services and I would recommend her to any other friend or family member in the future, if they find themselves in the unfortunate position to require an attorney.


Christine C.

Karen helped me with my divorce. You never plan to divorce your high school sweetheart, but here I was. The following is personal and painful, but Karen deserves accolades for everything she's done for me.

A friend's mom initially had me use her personal friend as my divorce lawyer.

Rule number 1: Use an actual family attorney.

If I had went with Karen from the beginning, I would've saved thousands of dollars. My friend's mom's friend (see how bad that already sounds?), a personal injury attorney, filed my paperwork under the wrong name (I am "Christine" not "Christina") and even had me give up everything for my soon-to-be-ex. My official reason for filing was domestic violence, but he filed it under "personality." The first attorney didn't care about my 401k or my house, which I solely purchased (my ex's name wasn't even on the mortgage, didn't help purchase it, etc). He just kept saying this is a community property state and that half is going to my ex (and of course my ex had no savings, retirement, etc and was really jonesing for my money). I didn't even finish my divorce and stayed in limbo for almost a year because I was afraid about my daughter and I not having a place to live. Soon I had a court date looming that he didn't prepare me for nor notify me about.

A friend told me I just need to use a female divorce attorney and to get on with my life. They couldn't understand how the person with the lawyer is the one losing! They did a Google search and pulled up Karen. The initial 30 minute consultation was free, but she listened to me for an hour, free of charge. She was practical and decisive and sensitive to what I was going through. She went through the "work" my previous attorney did and told me that if my divorce had been filed under domestic violence, I would've been entitled to more than half of the property. The next thing she did was increase my child support, since my ex was supposed to be paying for my daughter's insurance (my previous attorney did not even tell me I was entitled to this reimbursement). I told Karen I was concerned about the geographic restrictions since my dream was to go to Yale for my PhD (I was limited to Tarrant County by my previous attorney). She tried to eliminate them, but my ex didn't want me to leave Texas so then I was free to stay within the state. She told me that a limit to Texas is about as good as it gets.

Karen then fought for me. In the end, I got to keep 100% of my house (bought while we were married), and ALL of my retirement. She accompanied me to the courthouse where I was a crying mess. The judge asked me why I was crying since I am leaving an abusive marriage. I told him I felt like I was disappointing everyone- my family, my friends, and even God. He and Karen consoled me and told me that I was really left with no recourse. Karen also made it a point to tell the judge that I'm a nurse and am in the habit of caring for others and overlooking myself. I am the first person on both sides of my family to ever get a divorce. I had a lot of guilt and shame.

This was the darkest moments of my life. Karen ensured that my daughter and I were not homeless. She made it as painless and stress-free as possible, given the circumstances. She and her staff are super responsive and I did not have to worry about where it was going, unlike my other attorney who had no problem taking my money and I'm not even sure what he did.

I changed career paths and am now enrolled in law school myself. Thank you Karen.


Laura P

I used Karen Cushman as my divorce attorney and have recommended her services. I have had two family members use Karen for their divorce. I have Karen's business cards that I have handed out to friends and associates. I would highly recommend Karen Cushman. Karen helped me thru the divorce process and helped to make this stressful point in my life understandable and bearable.


Doyle P

Karen did a great job representing me on my divorce. I would definitely recommend her.


Mark P

Nobody likes to go through a divorce, but I'm glad that I had Karen representing me. She is very thorough and very direct. She doesn't sugarcoat anything and presents all the options in a realistic light.

Karen was 10x more assertive than opposing counsel in my case. She kept me updated on every little thing all along the way. Her fees are reasonable and she works very hard.

I would recommend Karen to anybody going through a divorce and doesn't want to get charged an arm & a leg in an already stressful set of circumstances. Karen will represent you better than your counterparty's attorney will....I promise.


Kevin W

Karen is solid. Don't hesitate to give her a call and let her take care of you!!!

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