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If you don't have a child custody attorney on your side, it's too easy to make rash decisions about important family law matters. You deserve to work with an experienced custody attorney in Pantego, TX. Rest easy knowing Karen Cushman, P.C. will provide the guidance you need.

As your custody attorney, Karen Cushman will use her knowledge and expertise to find a solution for your family. Let her know what you're going through at your free initial consultation. You'll appreciate her steadfast support.

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Confused about the different types of custody arrangements available to Pantego, Mansfield & Fort Worth, TX parents? Wondering how a child custody attorney can simplify the process? Schedule a consultation with Karen Cushman, P.C. Attorney Cushman can provide detailed information about...

  • Legal custody arrangements
  • Physical custody arrangements
  • Joint custody arrangements
  • Sole custody arrangements

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