Do Your Loved Ones Know Your Wishes?

Speak with an estate planning attorney in Pantego, Mansfield & Fort Worth, TX

No one wants to think about a time after they're gone, but it's necessary to start making arrangements in order to protect your family. Begin the process by hiring an estate planning law firm based in Pantego, TX. Karen Cushman, P.C. can help you draft a will, establish power of attorney and go through the probate process. Attorney Cushman will make the process as easy as possible.

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Why should you create a will now?

Thinking about drafting a will? Don't wait to make an appointment at an estate planning law firm. Creating a will now will help your family after you're gone. Here's how:

  • It helps your family sort through your assets easily
  • It protects family members who depend on you financially
  • It prevents your assets from being divided by the court system
Your estate planning attorney, Karen Cushman, P.C., will guide you through the process of creating a will. You'll have peace of mind knowing your wishes are recorded.